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We specialize in high access specialty services and large building exterior maintenance


Power Washing

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Post construction

Rely on S.O.A.R. to deliver top quality results on schedule at your site.  As glass experts we offer specialists with the safety training, gear, experience and insurance to meet the needs of major contractors.  We excel in final glass cleaning, but also do interior/ exterior rough cleaning of glazing, cleaning metal louvers, shades or architectural details, and removal of adhesives or roof material as needed.  

Qualified and experienced for lift, high ladder, swing stage, and rope Access.

Facade and parking lot power washing services also available.



As our name suggests, our company was founded on high access glass cleaning, and we have done nothing more extensively.  Our years of field experience in OSHA safe methods give us an edge on getting all your glass maximum clarity.

Soap on a Rope’s trained technicians have encountered thousands of unique cleaning challenges.  Our technicians bring that wealth of experience with them to every window cleaning opportunity. S.O.A.R. employs the proven combination of extensive training and technique paired with time tested industry materials for the best results and satisfied customers.

Interiors offices/ Elevator/ Rails

Any glass not visible on facade can be priced separately and also included in maintenance cleaning schedules to keep office glass, balcony and stair rails, vestibules and atriums looking as sharp as exteriors.

Solar Panels/ Skylights

Our technicians are specially trained in care techniques recommended by manufacturers and fully insured to safely and effectively clean your rooftop glass as thoroughly as any other glass in your house.   Seasonal solar panel cleaning can improve your energy production by almost 25%.

Mineral stain removal

Sometimes windows need more than a basic or razor cleaning when the glass appears to have permanent water spots, or has built up to be hazy or foggy.  This is most commonly caused by repeated exposure to ground or tap water from sprinkler systems or unsealed building materials containing hard minerals which dry on glass and can eventually etch and damage the surface  when untreated. When regular commercial cleaning isn’t enough, the glass is in need of restoration. Through a carefully chosen process of manually buffing buildup with select products for local minerality, or more advanced restoration or resurfacing from etching or heavy buildup using a polishing machine, we can treat even severely stained glass. This can return incredible clarity for a fraction of glass / window replacement cost.

Glass sealant

Most often recommended after restoration to delay redeposit from environmental buildup, our professional sealant is a RainX style product with long lasting wicking and sealant qualities.  Available with any of our glass cleaning services.



We excel at facade cleaning whether post construction dust, or years of mildew.  With extensive experience cleaning by rope or lift we can get a close up cleaning on even the most detailed trim or ledges, no matter how high.  High pressure, soft wash, mildewcide, and hot cleaning all available.

Surface cleaning

When a job is too big for our standard dolly powerwashers and surface cleaners our high capacity trailer, extra wide surface cleaner, and hydrant access equipment allow us to clean even large parking and sidewalk areas consistently.


A professional awning cleaning can add curb appeal and brighten the whole entryway and facade of your building or storefront

Gutter cleaning

Whether by ladder or rope, we can get your gutters, scuppers, rooftop and downspouts free of debris too keep your systems running smoothly

Facade repairs / handy services

When you need specialty services like mortar repairs, pane replacement, flagpole service, lighting service, gutter repair, removing plant growth from facade, etc. we can provide a high access team or handyman with years of repair experience and safety certified in rope and lift access.   If you need a service you don’t see listed, please ask!


We work in partnership with architects and builders to advise best choices anchor placement, and maintenance access planning.  This helps your new or renovation project minimize the lifetime costs of proper maintenance.

We also provide inspections and reporting of facade conditions in even your hardest to reach areas to help identify issues with rust, mortar decay, and sealant fails before they become more costly issues.  

Masonry sealant

Surface sealant is recommended for new installation or recently cleaned masonry, concrete, or paved surfaces.  Soap on a Rope uses a custom low pressure wand to evenly and safely apply a water-based sealant that helps maintain facades and surfaces and extend maintenance schedule for long term savings, while also minimizing stain penetration between cleanings.




Our unique access perspective has gotten us involved in the maintenance and repair of the casings we inspect.  We now have extensive experience with warrantied sealants. Providing new application, leak remediation, or pull and replacement as needed: glass to casing, casing to facade, even flashing and parapet caps.  


Workers Compensation
$2,000,000 General Liability

Soap on a Rope technicians are specially trained by OSHA standards and fully insured on work over 8’ for maximum safety and minimal customer liability on all our sites

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