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Window Cleaning

Throughout Soap on a Rope’s 16 years of window cleaning experience, Soap on a Rope’s trained technicians have encountered thousands of unique window cleaning challenges. A Soap on a Rope technician brings this wealth of experience with them to every window cleaning opportunity. While many other companies claim some form of modern miracle cleaning technique, Soap on a Rope simply lets their 100% satisfaction guaranteed final product & hundreds of satisfied customers do the talking. Soap on a Rope employs the classic proven combination of proper training & technique paired with time-tested materials that amount to a perfectly clean window every single time.

Our method of cleaning includes hand mopping the glass with a mild soap solution & a squeegee finish. Windowsills are then wiped clean of any residual liquid.

Residential window cleaning pricing varies based on the number, size & location of windows, but generally starts at $140. Dirty frames, screens, & shutters are not included in window cleaning prices.


The experience of moving into a house after new construction or renovation can be a stressful experience. Allow us take some of that burden off of you. Soap on a Rope’s attention to detail will ensure that every aspect of your window areas will be perfect.

Removing paint, sticker residue, dust, drywall mud, & anything that can be slung onto a window can be cleaned by our staff. Don’t take the risk of scratching your new windows by hiring an untrained post-construction window cleaner. We are very experienced with operating under strict deadlines & communicating effectively with contractors & homeowners to ensure timely delivery of services.

Prices vary based on scope of work. Please call for a free estimate!

Glass Restoration

Have you noticed a hazy or foggy look to your windows? Like there are permanent water droplets? Rainwater runoff coming down tall buildings (brick especially) onto your windows are more inclined to accumulate glass damaging mineral film. Windows that are regularly exposed to sprinkler systems can have the same damage. No amount of scrubbing is going to clean the windows, but glass restoration can!

Not all mineral stains can be removed. A Soap On A Rope technician will happily do a sample section before making any promises.

Prices vary based on number, size & location of window, but generally start at $20 per side of window pane.

Skylight Cleaning

Skylights can add so much to a commercial building – both in building enhancement & employee productivity enhancement. Because of the location & angles of skylights, dirt & minerals are more likely to adhere to the skylight and cause mineral damage than regular vertical windows. Skylights are also great candidates for glass restoration.

When your skylights get dim, don’t forget Soap on a Rope cleans ALL windows. Especially those hard-to-reach windows & skylights! Many companies simply do not want to properly train or insure their employees to clean skylights. Every Soap on a Rope technician is fully insured & trained to safely and effectively clean your skylights just as thoroughly as any other window in your building.

Prices vary based on size & location of skylight, but generally start around $8 per pane.

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Post-Construction window cleaning is part of the building process. We’ve worked with a number of contractors completing brand-new homes or renovations to high-rise construction. We also work cooperatively with commercial janitorial services that are doing post-construction interior cleaning as the final step in the process of new construction.

Post-Construction Window Cleaning is not where you want to try & save money. Removing paint, sticker residue, dust, mud, just about anything that can be slung onto a window can cause brand new windows to be scratched permanently by inexperienced window cleaners.

Prices vary based on scope of work. Call for a free estimate of your project.

Power Washing


Keeping your storefront clean in a city is hard work! City dust, algae & mildew can all ruin the exterior appeal of your building. Car exhaust is especially difficult to clean off of a store front – the exhaust creates a petroleum-based grease film that can only be powered off with a surfactant solution.

Using commercial-grade power washers, we apply water at very high rates of pressure to clean your building facade. Soap on a Rope techs know when pressure shouldn’t be applied to some surfaces – like some painted or coated finishes.

We also do high-pressure cleaning for painting preparation.

Pricing of Pressure Washing starts at $150 & varies based on square feet, type of material & location of surfaces to be cleaned.


Soft Washing

Soft washing is a type of pressure wash for surfaces that are too delicate to handle the extremes of pressure washing. Soft washing uses the power washing machine to deliver a solution of eco-safe cleaning agents to thoroughly clean every nook & cranny of the exterior surface of a building.

In the south, our high humidity give us a mildew & algae bloom twice a year. This can make your exteriors & surfaces streaked, speckled & slippery! Yee-uck! An appropriate solution can insure that mildew & algae are killed, removed, & won’t come back any time soon. Washing without cleaning agents & solutions can remove the ugly, but they will return within three weeks!
Pricing of soft washing starts at $150 & varies based on square feet, type of material & location of surfaces to be cleaned.


Surface Cleaning


Allow us to cut the grime so your business can shine! Our professional large surface cleaners allow us to evenly clean your parking lots and sidewalks - without zebra pattern marking often found after power washing large areas with a standard pressure washer wand. Our surface cleaner allows us to work more efficiently - saving you money and time!



Roof Cleaning



Don’t waste time investing in the inside of your business if your building scares potential customers away! Scared to even peek & see what updating your roof might need? Business owners who have a dark, dingy roofs might assume they are looking at thousands of dollars for a complete roof replacement. Sometimes all that roof needs is some soap & a little love.

Pressure isn’t good for any roof, so our technicians clean roofs in a process similar to soft washing. We use an eco-friendly solution, apply to the roof & rinse.

We clean all types of roofs! Pricing of roof cleaning starts at $200 & varies based on square feet of roof, type of roofing material, & location of surfaces to be cleaned.

Canopy & Awning Cleaning

A canopy or awning is a wonderful way to welcome your clients into your business. A beautiful awning can add to your building’s facade, provide shade & protection from the elements, extend outdoor living space &…be very expensive. Protect your logo awnings & canopies with regular cleaning that extends the life of your investment.

Canopies & awnings are fragile structures! It’s not a good idea to have Joe Anybody blasting bleach water at high pressure on your canopy. Soap on a Rope technicians are trained in the correct amount of eco-safe solutions & pressure needed to clean any canopy or awning.

Pricing of canopy & awning cleaning starts at $150 & varies based on square feet of material, type of material being cleaned, & location of surfaces to be cleaned.


Concrete Sealing


We always want to protect the things we invest in. Expensive outdoor projects like sidewalks, decking, newly paved parking lots & walkways will look better & last longer when they are well taken care of.

Sealing your outdoor projects with Soap on a Rope provides approximately 2+ years of protection against harsh solutions, oils & daily wear & tear to your surface. Our sealant is also mold & mildew resistant, making the task of cleaning the surface in the 2+ years between resealing a very easy job.

Pricing of concrete sealing starts at $180 & varies based on square feet, type of material & location of surfaces to be sealed.

Building Paint Preparation

Any accomplished painter will tell you that the preparation of a surface to be painted is just as important as the application of the paint itself. A Soap on a Rope technician is trained in the proper techniques of how to prepare any exterior surface prior to professional painting. Soap on a Rope employs eco-safe chemicals & the correct amount of pressure to every surface to ensure that the surface is contaminant free, smooth & ready to accept its new coating. Pricing of Building Paint Preparation starts at $180 & varies based on square feet, type of material & location of surfaces to be cleaned.

Building Maintenance

Owning commercial property can be like owning two homes. There is so much to protect and keep up with! After 16 years of serving all types of commercial customers, Soap on a Rope has acquired many skills to help serve our clients’ ever-growing list of needs.

Some of our regular services beyond the scope of window cleaning and power washing include: gutter clearing, window glazing, caulking, masonry sealing, lighting replacement, flagpole and banner rigging and repair, holiday lighting. If you don’t see a service that you need listed here, please ask.

Window Glazing


Save yourself time & money when it comes to replacing glass panes in your building. We know you are thinking you can DIY your way in & out of this one, but consider this: the cost of a piece of glass + a trip to the ER + plus another piece of glass (because the first one slipped & cut your hand) = much more expensive than just having called Soap on a Rope when you first began this projects.

When you spend your life cleaning glass windows, you tend to learn MUCH MORE about glass & all that surrounds it (literally) than the average person! Let our technicians discern what type of glazing is being used & what the best technique for repairing it is.

Pricing of window glazing varies based on linear feet of glazing area, type of windows & location of windows to be glazed.

Facade Maintenance

Aside from looking great, regular maintenance of properties is an inexpensive alternative to replacing, repainting, & re-doing. Property managers should have a game plan in place to keep the look fresh, & the structure sound.  Soap on a Rope Account Managers will work within your budget to keep the overall look of your property regularly maintained, we handle the scheduling, & you never have to worry about a catastrophic gutter overflow or stained exteriors. Call us for a one-on-one annual maintenance assessment – we deeply discount our services that we are contracted to maintain! 

Gutter Cleaning

If you have gutters on your property, we strongly urge you to have gutter maintenance as part of your plan or you may end up with a puddle of water in your building.

A thorough gutter clearing involves visually & manually checking & clearing every inch of your gutter system. This includes assessing for damage, making sure downspouts are flowing freely & unblocked. Soap on a Rope technicians are trained to safely & effectively clear out every inch of your gutters & downspouts. We strongly urge our customers to have their gutters cleaned at least twice a year to prevent possible costly repairs.

Pricing of gutter clearing generally starts at $140 & varies based on linear feet of gutters, type of gutters & guards & location of gutters to be cleared.


Masonry Sealing


At what point do broken bricks & blocks stop being charming & start looking dilapidated? The most common form of masonry repair performed by Soap on a Rope is exterior brick & block pointing replacement & repair. Replacing, repairing & sealing walls & structures will improve the appearance & extend the life of your commercial property.

Pricing of masonry sealing varies based on linear feet of repair area, type of gap needing to be filled, whether or not the surface is to be sealed & the location of area to be repaired.


From caulking entire exteriors of multi-story government buildings to replacing the caulk around a small, decorative window, Soap on a Rope has tackled all size caulking jobs. We are also experienced in working with contracting companies & other official departments in helping complete the caulking part of their jobs.

From proper caulk removal, reapplication, suggestions for the correct type of caulk & color matching, Soap on a Rope can advise you through it all (or simply take orders, sir!).

Pricing of Caulking varies based on linear feet of caulk needed, type of gap needing to be filled & location of area to be caulked.

Lighting Replacement & Service

If you think changing lighting some place is too far out of reach for you, you can bet it’s not too far out of reach for Soap on a Rope. From extremely fragile antique crystal chandeliers to industrial flood lights, we clean & service them all.

Using the proper techniques with the proper solutions & tools, your lighting fixture will look good as new.

Pricing of lighting replacement & servicing generally start around $10 per fixture & vary greatly depending on type & location of fixture needing servicing.

Flagpole & Banner Rigging & Repair

When the rope raising Old Glory gives way, who gets the new one back up there? We don’t advise leaning a ladder against the flagpole! Let Soap on a Rope help you get your flag flying again with lift assistance.

We are able to provide certified lift-trained technicians by the hour for minor repairs, hanging & re-rigging broken ropes & hardware inspection & repair. We will assess the size of man lift needed, arrange the delivery & pickup, at no extra charge.

Holiday & Event Lighting

Too busy to get your dream lighting display up & running? Get your building glowing with holiday cheer without breaking your legs! From Black Friday until New Year’s Day, your business will be attracting the right kind of attention.

A Soap on a Rope trained technician can make the holidays shinier by installing festive lighting. With extensive experience & training in accessing hard-to-reach areas, our technicians can put those lights right where you need them when you need them.

Pricing of holiday & event lighting servicing generally starts at $140 & varies greatly depending on type & location of fixtures that are being serviced.


Workers Compensation
$2,000,000 General Liability

Soap on a Rope technicians are specially trained by OSHA standards and fully insured on work over 8’ for maximum safety and minimal customer liability on all our sites

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