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Soap on a Rope’s trained technicians have encountered thousands of unique window cleaning challenges.  Our technicians bring that wealth of experience with them to every glass cleaning opportunity. S.O.A.R. employs the proven combination of extensive training and technique paired with time tested industry materials for the best results and satisfied customers.  Soap on a Rope simply lets our satisfaction guarantee, finished results, and hundreds of satisfied customers do the talking.

  Our cleaning methods are most often hand mopping the glass with a mild soap solution, and squeegee finish; or for well maintained glass we can use fountainbrush cleaning with highly filtered water to remove all dust and deposit with a spotless finish.   For maximum effect dirty frames, screens, shutters, even storm window interior cleanings are also available.

  Window cleaning cost varies based on the number, size and location of windows, and we provide timely free itemized estimates.

Interiors/ Storm windows

Interior glass doors, transoms, mirrors even chandeliers  and those great room windows over the stairs are no problem for us.  Tricky storm windows? We have a handyman. We’ve got all your glass covered.


Skylights/ Solar panels

We can clean even solar panels and skylights.  Our technicians are specially trained in care techniques recommended by manufacturers and fully insured to safely and effectively clean your rooftop glass as thoroughly as any other glass in your house.  See what a difference a clean skylight can make for room lighting. And seasonal solar panel cleaning can improve your energy production by almost 25%!

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Mineral stain removal

Sometimes a window needs more than a basic cleaning when the glass appears to have permanent water spots, or has built up to be hazy or foggy.  This is most commonly caused by surface exposure to ground or tap water containing hard minerals which dry in place, and can eventually etch/ damage the glass when untreated.  When home products and squeegee cleaning aren’t enough, the glass is in need of restoration. This can restore incredibly clarity for a fraction of glass / window replacement cost.

 Through a carefully chosen process of manually buffing buildup with select products for our local minerality, or more advanced restoration or resurfacing from etching or heavy buildup using a polishing machine we can treat historical, contemporary, even bath or shower doors.

Glass sealant

Most often recommended after restoration to delay redeposit from environmental buildup, our professional sealant is a RainX style product with long lasting wicking and sealant qualities.  Available with any of our glass cleaning services


Pressure washing (or ‘power washing’) encompasses all of the powered techniques of exterior cleaning including high and low pressure washing with cleaners or pressure only, surface cleaning of walk/ drive/ courtyard areas, and canopy or awning cleaning

 Our commercial power washing machines can apply water at a high enough rate of pressure to deep clean hard and porous surfaces like masonry, Block, Pavers, and some Decks.  This can also be used as a tool to prepare a surface for repainting .

  High pressures should be avoided on soft or painted surfaces such as stucco and wood siding.  For these more delicate facades we use precision applied solution based soft washing. The power washer mixes consistent amounts of cleaning agents as we apply to every nook and cranny for thorough results.  Our concentration is specifically balanced for maximum effect to dirt and growth on application area, while safe for landscape; which we also take care to rinse well with fresh water before and after to prevent any damage to flora.

Surface Cleaning

Refers specifically to poured, paved, or stone ground surfaces.  We use water jet surface cleaner designed just for the deepest and most even removal of stains and buildup from ground materials.  This specialized equipment is used with power washer for pressure, but it’s rotating head and direct application allow much better results than pattern cleaning  with hand held power cleaning wand used for facades


Properly cleaning your awning or canopy can extend the life of your investment.  Soap on a Rope technicians have a variety of trained techniques and tools to get your covering looking its best, whatever the material or buildup.  A clean canopy brightens the appearance of your whole entryway.


Surface/ masonry sealant

Surface sealant is recommended for new installation or recently cleaned masonry, concrete, or paved surfaces.  Soap on a Rope uses a custom low pressure wand to evenly and safely apply a water-based sealant. This sealant provides up to 2 years protection against oils, growth and daily wear to your surface.  This slows mildew, makes staining harder, and cleaning easier

Gutter cleaning/ Roof blow

Our thorough gutter cleaning includes visual inspection of complete gutter system and clearing all runs and downspouts.  Heavily impacted clogs or top growth can add costs to cleaning as well as making your system malfunction; to prevent this we strongly urge our customers to get a cleaning twice a year.  

Small repairs

We provide single pane replacement services for cracked or stained panes; small gutter repairs such as downspout straps, or patching.  

Our high access handyman can also help with other small facade projects including screen repair, bird or squirrel patching or strips, and leaky window seal repairs..   


With our level of ladder and lift experience and access equipment we can make bulb changing or hanging outdoor lighting or interior fixtures a snap.

AC duct cleaning

In an effort to meet our clients’ interior system cleaning needs we also have two technicians specially trained with top equipment for cleaning dust and allergens from all your AC ducts and register.  (This not an HVAC service, or intended to replace seasonal service to condenser or compressor unit)

Flag pole repair/ rigging

When you can’t safely maintain tradition by ladder alone; let Soap on a Rope arrange an appropriate motorized man-lift when its needed.  

We can provide our licensed operator by the hour for many repairs, including hanging and re-rigging replacement ropes, and hardware inspection and repair.


Workers Compensation
$2,000,000 General Liability

Soap on a Rope technicians are specially trained by OSHA standards and fully insured on work over 8’ for maximum safety and minimal customer liability on all our sites

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