Why Use High-Access Cleaners?​

What’s the difference?

What is rope-access?

Rope-access is a method of reaching areas using ropes and other specialty equipment often associated with rock climbing and caving. Cleaning surfaces via rope-access is a safe way to be supported while working in areas that can’t be easily reached by other means.

Why rope-access cleaners??

Minimize noise, distraction, and paperwork with rope-access cleaning!  When researching how to have a high area of your building cleaned, consider using rope-access cleaning technicians.  Many structures over three stories with rooftop access can benefit from the quiet efficiency of using skilled technicians without loud, costly heavy machinery.

Benefits of using rope-access for your exterior maintenance:

  • Minimal distractions to employees and neighbors: Rope-access cleaners are quick, quiet and non-intrusive.Think about a lift backing up. You’ll hear that!  Beep beep beep beep beep beep…need we go on?
  • Minimal perimeter disruptions: No large equipment or ground structures creating traffic flow problems, blocking sidewalks or parking spaces. No danger of landscaping, slab, or pavers being crushed under lift wheels.
  • Keep your contracts simple: No lift rental costs, planning, and contracts, or excessive government permits for blocking public walks or roads.

We are fully insured, and have safely served historic and new buildings for over 15 years.

If your needs can still be better met by lift, we do lift work too!  Let us help choose which is right for your budget and location.


Workers Compensation
$2,000,000 General Liability

Soap on a Rope technicians are specially trained by OSHA standards and fully insured on work over 8’ for maximum safety and minimal customer liability on all our sites

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